Tales From The Occult: Body and Soul (2023)
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Rapunzel: While attending the birthday celebration of the scion of some record company, an ex-hair model who aspires to make a comeback in the entertainment business gets her tresses burnt by a spoiled brat. She walks into a hair salon to salvage her sole pride and joy, only to meet her most macabre end. Cheshire Cat: A woman whose cat was gruesomely disemboweled in the street has since opened a feline rescue center. When a man who poses as an animal lover alerts her to a potential case of cat torture, she accompanies him to the scene, only to realize that he is the real perpetrator and his next target could be human. Tooth Fairy: A dental nurse befriends a chef in the street. When he visits her clinic to check on his teeth, he is tortured by the dentist who fancies her. The morning after, the dentist is found murdered in the clinic. All fingers point to the chef who happens to be mentally unstable. Little do the police know that the real culprit is still at large.